What I'm Doing Right Now?

I'm focusing on:

  • Brett and Jemma's Grande Ordeal to Get to from Norway to Oregon! starts soon. One overnight ferry, six trains, two flights, two hotels, and a few car rides.
  • I'm a puffyist (OpenBSD user). Now I'm a part time Piner (Pine64 PineBook Pro and PinePhone).
  • Creating a static website using the B and H of the BCHS software stack (OpenBSD, C programming language, httpd, SQLite).
  • Writing some new POSIX compliant shell scripts. Check them out in the new Git section of my website.
  • Which means, I'm adding a git section to my website.
  • Redevoloping my WanderAbout website from running on WordPress to just html, css, and a little, plain vanilla javascript.
  • Still reading Christopher Caldwell's The Age of Entitlement. Took a break from it and read Neal Stephenson's Anathema.
  • Epstein didn't kill himself. Biden didn't win.
  • And while I'm thinking about "liars, damned liars, and experts": the pandemic isn't unprecedented and highly lethal; Trump didn't quid pro quo Ukraine; Trump didn't collude with Russia.

Last updated: 2020-12-04.

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