A Handrafted Website

The making of a website can be quite a story. What I know about websites comes from the Technical Institute of Hands On, which is another way of saying support via search engine queries, online tutorials, and forums. My website is carefully handcrafted with html and css only.

Most bloggers, I expect, are like me and rely on the contributions of a whole community of people to publish their website. When you view my blog, you are not only seeing my work but also the work of website domain registrars and domain name servers (DNS), website server providers, open source software developers, graphic artists, and more. I'm happy to give credit where credit is due.

Website Infrastructure

Due to the Snowden revelations in 2013 and what has come to light since then, I operate my website outside of my home country, the USA, from countries where privacy and freedom of speech seem to be better protected. I do this just because. The USA, land of the free and all that; well, maybe, not so long ago. Anyway, I don't write anything terribly controversial. But, you know, some things just matter.

My domain registration and DNS (domain name server) are through OrangeWebsite in Iceland.

My website is hosted on a Virtual Machine (also known as a virtual private server) running OpenBSD through OpenBSD Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

I serve my website with OpenBSD's httpd.

I provide transport layer security (TLS) through Let's Encrypt.

Website Fonts

Work Sans by Wei Huang. Work Sans is based loosely on early Grotesques fonts and is optimised for on-screen text usage at medium sizes.

Caveat by Impallari Type and Cyreal. This is a handwriting style of font.

1942 Report by Johan Holmdahl. This is a typewriter style of font. The designers website, http://www.free-typewriter-fonts.com/, doesn't appear to be active anymore. Fonts 4 Free, from where I downloaded the font, states the font is licensed as free for both personal and commerical use. This font reminds me of the typewriter my grandfather gave me when I was in high school. You see, back then, you either hand wrote or typed your homework assignments. The typewriter was very old when I received it. I have no idea where Grandpa got it or for how long he had it before he gave it to me.

Website Artwork

Carrie Franzwa drew the stickfigure art you see on my home page. This is copyrighted artwork. I purchased licences to use this artwork on my website from TeachersPayTeachers.com and ClipArtOf.com